Reprinted from Home Textiles Today, October 3, 2005

Quebec – Rosedale Draperies, Montreal, a Canada-based home fashion fabric
jobber, has acquired the exclusive distribution rights to the Curtains Up® and
Alhambra Drapery Hardware product lines for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

The high-end curtain rods will continue to be manufactured by the Alhambra
Hardware Company Inc. out of Toronto. But instead of Freder Textiles doing the
distribution, it will be Rosedale, according to company president Robert Gibbons.

Curtains Up® and Alhambra products are sold through exclusive retail shops as
well as designers and architects. "We did a little marketing change, and we took
it on. We are right now rebuilding a showroom that will be ready on Monday,
October 3rd, 2005, in Anjou," Gibbons said.

Versailles Home Fashions, which distributes mid-tier window hardware to retailers
like Home Depot, is also headed by Gibbons. He decided to distribute the new lines
under the Rosedale name as it targets a higher end retailer.

Gibbons said his company is merely picking up where it left off 12 years ago when
it distributed the lines for about a year. Since the separation was amicable,
Gibbons was more than happy to work with Alhambra again over a decade later.

Most of the line is made and hand-finished in Canada. It includes metal rods and
components from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in diameter, wooden poles from 1 3/8 inches
diameter to 3 inches plus accessories, as well as cast resin finials and components.
The lines come in some 14 colors.

"This is a big win for us. We have taken over an existing business with good
volume and can just add it on to our sales. It is not like we are just starting
from square one," he said. "But we do have to convince the retailers to keep the
product in their stores and to purchase new product from us." HTT
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