Nuages™ designs are a bold flight into contemporary
décor for the Curtains Up® line. The unique, free-flowing
finial shapes, fabricated in sharply defined cast
aluminum, are light, airy and graceful. The application
of hand-wiped finishes and satin lacquers softens the
crisp edges and further emphasizes the elegance of
the look. Vortex, Stratus, Nimbus and Cumulus are named
to reflect those atmospheric sensations that have
inspired these designs. Nuages™ successfully delivers
the elements of contemporary European design to
North America.

Finishes include black, antique pewter, antique copper,
and antique brass. Each set is conveniently packaged with
one pair of finials and necessary hardware. Brackets,
rosettes, rods and rings are sold separately along with a
selection of accessories to customize each installation.

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