Curtains Up presents Arts & Crafts designs a limited range
of finials and tiebacks that complements the look and feel of the
Arts & Crafts movement. Arts & Crafts design inspires a strong
following in those who are interested in a clean, unadorned look
and a return to simpler ideas, honest craftsmanship and sturdy

The simplicity of the Art Nouveau Flower, the Mission design,
the Ball finial and the Prairie, makes this group universally fitting
for all window treatments, but particularly for the Arts & Crafts
design period.

Each set is conveniently packaged with one pair of finials and
necessary hardware. Brackets, rosettes, rods and rings are sold
separately along with a selection of accessories to customize
each installation. This group is available in seven finishes.
(Not all designs are offered in all finishes.)

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